Church School

Christian Vision

The Christian Vision for our school underpins and influences everything we do and is as follows:

‘Working Together, Valuing Everyone, Learning for Life’

The biblical basis for this vision is: Luke 10:25-37 The Parable of the Good Samaritan

This parable underpins our ethos of love, respect, acceptance, religious tolerance, attitudes to people who are 'different', compassion, who is a 'neighbour'  (including our global neighbours) and how we should we treat others.

At All Saints’ we live out Christian values, with them being at the heart of everything we do; they shape the way in which we guide our children to become good citizens. We aim to develop ‘aspirational lifelong learning’ within a nurturing environment where everyone is valued and respected.

Outstanding Church of England School
Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools report, February 2016

All Saints' is a Church of England School - it seeks to be distinctively Christian yet inclusive of people of all faiths and none. We are part of the Diocese of Coventry and are supported by the Diocesan Board of Education. We have close links with All Saints' Church; we hold services there on a termly basis, Rev. Diane Thompson leads regular assemblies in school and she, along with other members of the congregation, are Foundation members of our governing body.

All Church schools receive ‘Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools’ (SIAMS) inspections, approximately every 5 years. SIAMS focuses on the effect that the Christian ethos of a church school has on the children and young people who attend it. The principal objective of an inspection is to evaluate the distinctiveness and effectiveness of the school as a church school.

"The creative curriculum and other enrichment activities ensure that pupils grow spiritually, morally, socially and culturally." SIAMS report 10th February 2016

Our recent inspection resulted in us once again being awarded the status of Outstanding. You can see the full inspection report below;
International Cross of Nails Schools
We were delighted to have been awarded ICONS status (the International Cross of Nails Schools status) awarded for our work on peace and reconciliation. You can find out more about this here.
Assembly Themes
Every half term we have a different 'Christian Value' theme for our assemblies. Children learn about this value during assemblies throughout the half term and displays relating to this theme can be found in the hall and in Areas of Reflection in the classrooms. Each half term we will send parents a copy of a 'Home School Value' sheet with ideas and activities to reinforce the theme.   A full list of the Values For Life Assembly Themes 2018 - 2021 can be found below.
Pentacost Party
On 25th May, All Saints’ Church kindly hosted a Pentecost Party for Year 6. The children were welcomed with a range of activities. 
Like all good parties, it ended with dancing and some food.

Easter 2021
We all LOVE our usual Easter services but with covid restrictions in place, we needed to find a different way to celebrate this year. The children have been learning about the Easter story this week and all year groups have taken part in walking the 'Stations of the Cross' either here on our school field (years 3 & 4) or down at the church (years 5 & 6). The weather has been great for these activities; today has not been nearly as sunny and warm but in true British spirit, we persevered so that we could come together as a whole school community to sing some of our favourite Easter songs, including that favourite of the children - and many parents - Spring Chicken! 

Justice and Courageous Advocacy
During the second half of the Spring term, we have been learning about the Christian Value of Justice. We have been talking about the importance of treating people fairly, or justly, and the children have been thinking about whether justice is always about treating everyone exactly the same or if it’s a bit more complicated than that. We have taken part in Fairtrade fortnight, learning about ways in which farmers can be supported fairly and have thought about the following: Justice – ‘Learn to do right. Seek Justice.’  Isaiah 1:17  
The children have considered why it is so important that we seek justice for others - that we are courageous advocates for those less fortunate than ourselves. They have also learned about some well-known courageous advocates, including Malala, Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King. Our children engage enthusiastically with a range of opportunities to be courageous advocates - learning about the Global Development Goals, the 'Send my friend' campaign, UK Parliament Week, Eco Flag work, fundraising for local, national and international charities. 
We have also taken part in 'The Big Legal Lesson' as part of Justice week 2021 in England and Wales, giving an opportunity to learn in more depth about one of our British Values - The Rule of Law. To end the term, we have taken advantage of the lovely sunshine to gather together to sing as a whole school for the first time in a year. We sang two songs we have learned from our link school in Sierra Leone - 'Tel em Tanke' and 'You are my brother' - which has the line 'work for justice and for peace'. It was so lovely to be able to get together in this way again. 

Can words change the world?
In Collective Worship, Year 6 children discussed:
Can words change the world? Year 6 listened to a young poet

Amanda Gorman, who performed a speech at the inauguration of President Joe Biden, the 46th president of the USA. She spoke about the dreams that she has for her future – from such small

beginnings: ‘…a skinny black girl descended from slaves and raised by a single mother can dream of becoming president only to find herself reciting for one.’ And her words will have given hope to a new generation of Americans to hope for a better world…. words are powerful things.

From the examples, you can see that Year 6 created some thought-provoking: poems, speeches and drawings. 
Christingle 2020
Despite covid restrictions, Christmas preparations have continued in All Saints'. During the period of advent, the children have been thinking about the journey taken by Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem during collective worship in classrooms. They have also been learning about the symbolism of Christingle. In the final week of term, instead of holding our usual Christmas service in church, Rev Diane and members of the congregation welcomed Year 4 to a little journey of their own, following the donkey to Bethlehem. This took place outside the church, which is decorated beautifully with window displays and a lovely tree. The tree is decorated with prayers written by all the children of All Saints', who have written very thoughtfully about others, near and far.   
On the final day of term, all the other classes took part in a virtual Christingle service from Coventry Cathedral. It's wonderful to see how we have all adapted to these challenging times with such creativity and joy. Merry Christmas everyone!  
Spirited Arts Competiton
This year, the Spirited Arts Competition theme was: 'God's Good Earth.' With this theme, children were asked to think about: 
Should we be thankful for it?
Can we save it in time from the threats of climate change?
In their pictures, children explored ideas and beliefs about the natural world. 
Easter Garden making in Holy Week
Key-worker children enjoying outdoor activities in their Easter holiday
Advent Service of the Mothers' Union in the Coventry Diocese
This was the annual Advent Service of the Mothers' Union in the Coventry Diocese.  One of their main gatherings in the year. 
This year we were delighted to be hosting it at All Saints Church Emscote.  150+ members of the Mothers' Union came.  20 children from Emscote Voices.
The President of the Mothers' Union in the Diocese Jane Hill sent her thanks:
The  children's choir was a very special addition - so appropriate in many ways and they really added a sense of joy to the service. I don't think we've ever had a children's choir participate in any of our previous MU diocesan services, so it was very special.
Mothers’ Union is a global Christian movement working with people of all faiths and none to develop communities, strengthen families and advocate for change.
There are 4 million members in 84 countries across the globe. 

R.E. Visit: The Sikh Gurdwara

On April 2nd Year 4 went to the Sikh Gurdwara to further their learning about Sikhism. It was a really interesting afternoon where lots of the children's questions were answered. Everyone, men and women, had to wear a head covering, wash their hands and take off their shoes. We got to see the special room where the holy book (the Guru Granth Sahib) is kept when it's not being read. We all enjoyed the tour of the huge building, including the kitchens and dining area (the Langar) where they were all offered sweets at the end! We are grateful that the Sikh community made us feel very welcome and we enjoyed our learning.

Easter Service 2019

Jewish Visitor - Ros Johnson from Coventry

On Tuesday 26th February 2019, Year 4 were priviledged to have a Jewish visitor come in to teach them about her religion. She showed lots of interesting objects linked to their beliefs and told us all about her son's Barmitzvah - this is like a 'coming of age' ceremony which Jewish teenagers do at the Synagogue when they are 13. The children asked lots of relevant questions and were really attentive.

We then got to try on some special garments - the cap called a Kippah and the shawl called a Talit. Everyone had a go at decorating and making their own Kippah from cardboard.

Christmas service 2018
All children took part in leading our Christmas service at All Saints' church once again. Mrs Garrett and Daisy from Year 6 played accompaniment to Mrs Matthews singing for us with all of the school joining in for the choruses. We all enjoyed seeing the giant Knitted Christmas tree which has been created by members of the All Saints' church community - it looked amazing!
All of the staff, children and parents agreed that it was a very special service, enjoyed by all. 
Christingle Service

Our year 4 children were privileged to attend the Christingle Service at Coventry Cathedral. We sang our song 'Hope of Heaven', and each child was given an orange and a candle to make our own Christingles back at school.

We discussed the meaning of Christingle, the candle, the cocktail sticks with sweets and the ribbon that is tied around the middle.

Diocese 100 year Celebrations at Coventry Cathedral

On Tuesday we were lucky to be involved with the Diocese 100 year Celebrations at Coventry Cathedral.

A spectacular array of banners, stunning music, accomplished drama and an inspirational address by Bishop Christopher combined to create a truly memorable and joyful morning.

The service was attended by our worship reps from Years 5 and 6, Rev Diane and Mrs Finney (one of our governors) who very kindly made our gorgeous new banner for this occasion. You will soon be able to see it hanging in the school entrance. Can you spot our children in the photo of the service?


Tree Planting 

All church schools who took part in the Centenary celebrations for the Diocese of Coventry were presented with trees to plant in their grounds. These trees will provide a lasting memory of the celebrations and are intended to symbolise hopes for the future. Some Y4 children helped to plant one of the trees along with a special plaque; having just returned from Coventry Cathedral for the Christingle Service, the significance of this connection was clear to all. 

Official unveiling of Spirituality artwork

On Friday 14th September, a very special assembly was held in school. During Faith week in 2017, our children explored spirituality in their classes. Their artistic representations were used by local artist, Jo Murphy, to create a wonderful mural. The original artwork can now be seen in our meeting room but the design has been transferred onto tiles to create a stunning centrepiece for our Garden of Reflection. 

We were pleased to welcome Linda Wainscott, director of the DBE (Diocesan Board of Education) along with Jo Murphy for an official 'unveiling' of the artwork. During the assembly, we recapped the learning behind the artwork and updated it with further learning from the week when we had the Cross of Nails in school this year. Some children explained the thinking behind their entries to the 'Spirited Arts Competition.' It was a very special and moving experience for all. 

Muslim visitor brings RE to life!

In RE year 6 have been looking into the question: “What does it mean to be a Muslim in Britain today?” They have been learning about how the Five Pillars are very important to Muslims so it was great when our Muslim neighbour, and now friend to the school, Mrs Attiya Shams, came to speak and the children could put their understanding into the context of real lives. She helped them understand more about Muslim practices such as prayer positions and taught them more about the Qur’an, the Muslim holy book. At the end the children asked questions about many aspects of Islam. We are very grateful to Mrs Shams for her time and effort.


Learning how the Big Frieze explains the Bible: Understanding Christianity

In RE year 5 are learning about how the ‘Big Picture’ of the Bible is told through the illustrations of the Big Frieze which we have hanging in the school hall. They are also beginning to see how the Big Story of the Bible can be explained through 8 key Christian concepts such as the Trinity, Creation, Incarnation and the Gospel. They are getting really good at matching the concepts to the sections of the story!

Cross of Nails Pilgrimage
As part of the Diocese of Coventry's centenary celebration, the Cross of Nails was taken on a special pilgrimage to visit all 75 church schools within the Diocese. The cross was brought to All Saints' on Monday 21st May, by some children and the headteacher from St Paul's in Leamington. Special prayers were said during the handover in a special assembly. 

Our 'Reflection Space' 

Special activities were planned to take place during the period of time that the Cross of Nails was in school. A special Reflection Zone room was set up and all of the children enjoyed their visits there - all of the adults in school were super-impressed with the children's thoughtful responses. The Coventry labyrinth was set up in the hall during the week, with children reflecting on each sentence in the Lord's Prayer at different points in the labyrinth

In their classes, children continued to explore their understanding of spirituality and created 

pieces of art to enter NATRE's Spirited Arts Competition. 

On Wednesday 23rd May, the whole school visited church for a special service about Peace and Reconciliation to mark and celebrate the Pilgrimage of the Cross of Nails with our wider community. From there, the cross was transported to Barford St Peter's school in a very special car, kindly loaned and driven by Mr Diffen, one of our parents. On arrival, special prayers were once again shared during a handover ceremony on the playground at St Peter's on a beautiful sunny morning. Some very special memories have been formed during this week. 
All Saints Church - 22nd March 2018
Our Christian assembly theme for the second half of the spring term has been 'Creativity'. On Thursday 22nd March, the whole school visited the church, completing three different activites 'exploring creativity within the church'.

The children were encouraged to reflect on an art installation which is in All Saints' for the period of Lent. It is called The Blue, the Dim and the Gold by local artist, Jake Lever. In another activity, the children had the opportunity to try on a rnage of beautiful vestments and look at wall hangings and finally, they spent time in the sanctuary looking at a range of artefacts used in church, some for special occasions, others for regular usage.

The children were really engaged with all of the activities and came up with some very thoughtful responses - it was a thoroughly enjoyable and interesting day for all.


On Thursday 26th April Year 4 visited the Sikh Gurdwara to find out more about Sikhism. In RE their topic focuses around the question: What it means to be a Sikh in Britain today? They had a really interesting time and learned loads! They thought the building was amazing - and huge! The people were very friendly and everyone had a drink and biscuit at the end.
Garden Of Reflection

In RE year 5 are exploring the Christian concept of Salvation. They have been doing different activities to help them understand the idea of 'sacrifice'. Last week they each wrote something they had thought, said or done which was wrong on a piece of paper, this was similar to confessing a 'sin' - they kept this completely private . We then went into the garden of reflection and all took turns to burn our piece of paper in fire bucket. After this activity we discussed our thoughts and feelings - some children felt as if a weight had been lifted, others that it felt 'fresh', like making a new start as their 'sin' had gone for ever. This was a useful illustration of what Christians believe Jesus did by dying for people's sins on the cross.

In RE year 5 have been learning about the Christian concept of Salvation: What did Jesus do to save human beings? They learnt about the 'Stations of the Cross' which depict events in the final few days of Jesus' life.

We used Drama to act out each of these events to help us fully grasp this important story. We will go on to explore why these events are so important to Christians.
Year 6 Visit to Baithul Ehsan Mosque

On Thursday 16th November, Year 6 visited the Mosque in Leamington Spa. Our session, which was led by Mrs Attia Shams, allowed Year 6 to ask a variety of questions. Also, Mrs Shams explained the meaning of Islam. During our visit, Year 6 were lucky enough to eat samosas and cupcakes- they were delicious!

The visit was very informative and we learnt something new. A big thank you to Mrs Shams and her team for organising such an interesting morning.
Year 3 visit to Hindu Temple

On Wednesday 11th October, year 3 visited the Hindu Temple known as the Shree Krishna Mandir in Leamington Spa. The children enjoyed looking at all the deities (gods) behind the big curtain and sketching some of them.
Whole School Prayer Day

On Thursday 25th May every class took part in a prayer day at All Saints' church.
Easter Service

As usual, children took part in an Easter Service at All Saints’ Church. They all performed exceptionally well and were highly praised by Reverend Diane and the parents who attended.
Year 3 Visit to Hindu Temple

Year 3 have been learning about Hinduism in RE. We have learnt about the biggest Hindu festival, Divali and how Rama and Sita are the main heroes of the story. It is a festival of light and Divali means row of lights. We made diva lamps out of clay, painted them and added sequins and varnish.
To help us understand more about how Hindus worship we visited the Shree Krishna Mandir (Temple) in Leamington. We had to take off our shoes and wash our hands. Mr Awesti gave us a talk about what happens at the temple. We were amazed at all the deities (gods) behind the big curtain and we enjoyed sketching some of them.
Year 6 Visit to Sikh Gurdwara

In RE Year 6 have been learning about 'Worship' in Christianity and Sikhism so we planned a trip to the Sikh Gurdwara to find out more about how the Sikh community worship at their temple. Everyone was asked to cover their heads as a sign of respect and once inside we took off our shoes and washed our hands.
We made notes during a talk from one of the Sikh community members. Everyone who works there is a volunteer. We did some sketching in the big prayer room, while a group of women were performing worship, singing and reading.
Before we left they very kindly gave us all drinks and biscuits in the Langar (dining room) . They also gave us some books about how the Gurdwara was built. It is such an impressive building!
Salvation Army Visit

As part of our Religious Education topic we are exploring how different faith groups show care in the community. On Friday 3rd March, Year 4 visited the Salvation Army in Leamington Spa where Major John led a presentation on the work of the Salvation Army. All the children designed a flag, tried on the uniforms and had a go on the cornet! The children asked very insightful questions and we all learnt so much about the good work of the Salvation Army.
At the end of the session the children brought forward their donations of toiletries which will be donated to the homeless mission.
Coventry Christingle And Cross

On Wednesday 7th December year 4 visited Coventry Cathedral to take part in their Christingle service, with our children performing the song Hope of Heaven. Afterwards, we walked around the cathedral then went into the ruins of the old cathedral. The children noticed the words Father Forgive on one of the walls, seeing the link between this and the cross of nails prayer we say together in school every Friday.

Each classroom area of reflection now has an Advent display; some mark Christmas around the world, some have 'challenges' for children to think about, linked with our half-termly theme of Compassion. Many show the colour purple as an important church colour at this time of year.
Baptism and Confirmation

Year 6 went to All Saints' Church as part of their RE studies about the Christian ceremonies of baptism and confirmation. We re-enacted the baptism of two babies, Annabelle and Joseph. The children volunteered to act as parents and godparents. the vicar, Rev Diane Thompson, taught us all about the three main elements of baptism: water, light and the cross. After sketching some of the artefacts we enjoyed a baptism party of squash and biscuits.
Rules in Christianity and Buddhism

In RE year 5 have been learning about Rules in Christianity and Buddhism. To help them understand the five Buddhist precepts (rules) they visited the Forest Hermitage near Sherbourne. A Buddhist monk called Manapo taught them lots of interesting facts about Buddhism. The children tried a short, peaceful meditation and asked lots of insightful quesitons. After sketching artefacts in the Shrine Room they enjoyed a stroll through the beautiful gardens looking at the statues.
Coventry Cathedral Visit

Year 6 visited Coventry Cathedral in April. In the morning they contemplated the theme of reconciliation they found as they looked around the cathedral, while in the afternoon they completed artwork inspired by the art they found that was linked to the theme of peace.
Easter Service

Every class took part in the Easter church service, presenting the Easter story through six scenes and songs.
Caring For Others

Year 4 learnt about "The Salvation Army: Then and Now" on their visit to the Leamington Corps, as part of their RE topic on Caring for Others. Many children donated men's toiletries to their Way Ahead homeless project. They enjoyed trying on the uniform, sketching items of interest, asking questions and playing some brass instruments.
Christmas Church Service

All the children were involved in leading the Christmas Church Service. Their reading, acting and singing were fantastic and the service was enjoyed by all the children and their families.
Harvest Festival

We were pleased to welcome so many parents, grandparents and friends to celebrate our Harvest Service with us in October. The worship at all of our church services is led by the children, with each year group leading a different section of the service. Thanks to everyone for their harvest donations which were gratefully received by the Warwick and Leamington Foodbank, the Salvation Army’s Way Ahead Project and Helping Hands. The three charities are co-ordinating their harvest collections to make sure your donations get to people and families that most need them in the local area this autumn.
New Garden of Reflection

As part of our work on Christian Distinctiveness each classroom has developed its own "Area of Reflection". This interactive space reflects our half-termly Christian assembly themes and is used for class assemblies and for children to reflect on at any other stage. These areas have been so successful we were keen to develop an outside space to extend this approach. Thanks to funding from All Saints' Church and the King Henry VIII Endowed Trust we were able to take advantage of an opportunity presented by the recent building work to create a fully enclosed courtyard Garden of Reflection. The children have been enjoying using this calm, reflective space for quiet reading, for peaceful sitting and for group or class work.
These photos show a year 4 class holding their class assembly on Hope. "Hopes" were planted around the garden then planted into a mini-garden which will be positioned inside their classroom in their Area of Reflection.  
Faith Day

For our Faith Day in 2015 all children were learning about symbols used by different world Faiths. Each child created a piece of A5 artwork for display in school, and some designs were recreated on cobbles which now surround the water feature in our new Garden of Reflection.