HeartSmart Programme
HeartSmart is the name of the PSHE resource that we use to build character, emotional health and resilience in our children in Emscote.
It is a creative way of enabling children to adopt a growth mindset whilst learning about loving and accepting themselves as well as loving and responding well to others.
Boris, HeartSmart’s very own purpose-built Robot, provides a fun and interactive way for children to explore their hearts, the very thing that makes them unique.
Each half term the children learn about another principle which helps build upon their previous learning.
Don’t Forget to Let Love In helps us grow in self compassion.
Too Much Selfie isn’t Healthy is about working well with others, about being a good listener and understanding that life is more about we than me.
Don’t Rub it in, Rub it Out means choosing to forgive, everyone makes mistakes. Don’t demand perfection, instead celebrate progress, that’s what love does.
Fake is a Mistake is about having the courage to tell the truth when we need to but it’s also about knowing that we don’t have to pretend to be something or someone that we’re not because we’re enough as we are.
‘No Way Through’ isn’t True! Is understanding that there’s always a solution and if you believe that, you’ll find it, you’ll know what you need to do. That’s why hope is so important. It keeps us working towards the solution that is always out there. It keeps us living, keeps us dreaming.