Year 3

Cadbury World

To end our chocolate topic, Year 3 went to Cadbury World. The children had such a fantastic time and learnt lots whilst we were there.

Maths-Capacity Week

Over one week, the children took part in 5 related activities that linked to capacity. They thoroughly enjoyed themselves and had lots of fun being practical and learning what volume and capacity means.


Shakespeare Week

As part of Shakespeare Week, Year 3 focused on the play ‘Romeo and Juliet’. We firstly introduced Romeo and Juliet through the Prologue of the story. We discussed why plays and stories have prologues and tried to find out information about the story while reading it. This was tricky because it was written in Shakespearean language. We then created freeze frames for some of the key parts of the prologue and we translated the language into modern day English.

Tesco Fairtrade Visit

For part of our chocolate topic, Year 3 have been learning all about Fairtrade. Year 3 visited Tesco to see how many Fairtrade products they sell. The children used their knowledge that they had learnt in class to locate certain items that they knew were Fairtrade e.g. tea, coffee, chocolate etc. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and represented All Saints’ well. They learnt that Tesco didn’t actually sell many Fairtrade products and when the children got back they wrote letters to Tesco to persuade them to sell and support Fairtrade more.

Christmas Play

This year, year 3 did a spectacular job at performing the nativity, ‘The Magical Christmas Jigsaw’. All the year 3 staff were extremely proud of them and we know their parents were too! Super acting, singing and all round performing.

Christmas Fair

Each class took it in turns to run stalls at the Christmas Fair. They helped create games, signs and things to sell to help raise money for school. Great job year 3!

Hedgehog and Owl Visit

Year 3 were visited by the Barnacle Hedgehog Rescue and Pete and some volunteers from the RSPB. In one of the sessions, Debbie from Barnacle Hedgehog Rescue, talked to the children about rescue hedgehogs. She shared lots of interesting facts about them and the children learnt what they eat, where they live, that they’re nocturnal and that their numbers have really declined in the last few years. In the other session, Pete talked through a variety of owl facts and then the children were able to see a real tawny owl. They talked about what the owls eat and drink, where they live and what type of bird they are. The children in small groups then got to dissect an owl pellet, using tweezers, to investigate what the owl had been eating. They found lots of bones and the skull could tell them whether it was a vole, mouse or shrew. 

Scavengers and Settlers Topic Afternoon

On Tuesday 15th November 2019, Year 3 had their topic afternoon to finish off their Autumn Term topic ‘Scavengers and Settlers’. The children have learnt and done so much over this term and they loved sharing this with their families. We read them extracts from ‘The Flood’ we did in Literacy, we performed some poems, shared all the fun things we have done in topic and sang and played the glockenspiels to ‘Three Little Birds’ by Bob Marley.



Shree Krishna Mandir Visit

On Monday 11th November 2019, Year 3 visited the ‘Shree Krishna Mandir’ as they have been learning about Hinduism in RE. The children showed great respect and really enjoyed the learning opportunity.

Cave Art in Cave

As part of our topic, we’ve been exploring cave art and wanted the children to get creative in a more ‘cave like’ environment. The children really enjoyed this experience

3LW-Mutual Respect & Tolerance Assembly

The children did a fantastic job of presenting their first worship assembly to the school on one of our British Values ‘Mutual Respect and Tolerance’. The children explained what these tricky words mean and how we can show it within school and at home.


In order to learn how real historians gather their information, the children were given different bags full of items about different people. The children had to infer what type of person this may be as well as their interests and what their daily life might be like.

Science-Starburst rock formation

In science, the children have been learning about the three main types of rock: igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary. In this lesson the children learnt about the rock cycle and we did this by using the sweet starburst. It was extremely fun and very sticky and not to mention delicious at the end.

Maths-using resources

In maths this term, the children have been using lots of practical maths resources to help them with their learning.

Gymnastics- Apparatus

The children have enjoyed talking part in a rotation of different activities on 5 different pieces of apparatus: the wall bars, beam, vault, floor and adult led backward and forward roll station. The children have really enjoyed these lessons and their balance and coordination has improved since completing these activities.

Gymanstics- Partner Balances.

As an introduction to gymnastics, the children learnt about good form and body positions. They worked with a partner to complete various partner balances and then came up with a sequence which they performed brilliantly in front of the class.


Year 3 have been learning about famous landmarks around the world. Using our sketching skills, which the children have been working hard on, they had to sketch the other half of a landmark using these techniques carefully.

Art-Colour Wheels

In Art, year 3 have been learning about the primary and secondary colours. We also discussed how to make a lighter and darker shade of a colour. The children learnt how to mix colours in a palette and had lots of fun completing this activity. We were amazed at the different colours we could make as a class.


Rocks and Soils Science Topic

To start off our new rocks and soils science topic, the children got to explore and look at a range of different rocks. We thought about lots of scientific vocabulary we could use to describe the rocks and sorted them into different criteria’s.

Tri Golf

This term, year 3 have been having fun learning tri-golf skills with Mr Partridge. They are really enjoying it and are definitely becoming more accurate when putting.

Lent Assembly

On Tuesday 5th March (Shrove Tuesday) 3LC did their worship assembly on Lent which was brilliant. We explained that Lent begins on Ash Wednesday (6th March) and lasts for 40 days and nights. 3LC retold the story when Jesus resisted the devils temptations which reminds Christians of the preparations he made in the desert.  They also shared to the rest of school what they are giving up for Lent or instead what they are going to do to help people during Lent.

Cricket Workshop

On Monday 4th February, the girls in year 3 were very excited to have their very own girl’s cricket workshop with Zach from the Warwickshire Cricket Board.  This workshop was to try and encourage more girls to take up sports but in cricket in particular. All the girls had great fun and learnt a range of different skills.

RSPB National Birdwatch
Year 3 have enjoyed collecting data for the national birdwatch for the RSPB which the whole school have taken part in. The children loved spotting all the different birds and some enjoyed it so much they did some birdwatching at home too. 
Colour Wheels
Year 3 have loved using their new art sketch books. At the front of our sketch books, the children have completed their own colour wheels. We looked at primary and secondary colours. The children had to be really careful with their mixing in order to create the different shades and colours. 
Chocolate Tasting
As an entry point to our new topic chocolate, year 3 took part in a chocolate tasting experience. The children had 9 different types of chocolate to try but they have no clue what they were. They needed to use their senses to describe the chocolate and give their opinions on what they liked and disliked. The children were very surprised with the results at the end.

Year 3 Worship Assembly

3LC performed their first worship assembly to the whole school. Our worship assembly was on the ‘Prophet Muhammad’ (P.B.U.H) and how he became a prophet. The children did an amazing job and spoke with great expression and volume. Miss Codd was very proud of them all.

Topic Work

As part of our topic, we have been looking at different landmarks around the world. Some of these include: the Eiffel Tower, Stone Henge, Statue of Liberty, Big Ben, Great Wall of China, the Pyramids and the Taj Mahal. The children were given half of one of these landmarks. They then used their observational skills and hatching skills to sketch the other side. Year 3 are clearly great artists!

Shree Krishna Mandir Visit

On Thursday 27th October, Year 3 visited the ‘Shree Krishna Mandir’ as they have been learning about Hinduism in RE. The children showed great respect and really enjoyed the learning opportunity.


This term, year three have been having great fun learning gymnastic skills.  First of all, the children looked at partner balances and then worked on a sequence of movements. We then worked on different apparatus. The equipment we used were: beams, vault, spring board, floor and climbing bars. Each week, we learnt new moves to practice on each piece of equipment to progress our skills.


This half-term, in maths, we have been looking at place value, addition and subtraction. We have been using different practical resources to help us with our learning for example: base 10, numicon, place value counters etc. We have also introduced ‘Active Maths’; here children complete a variety of maths lessons through the medium of PE. They work collaboratively to solve a variety of calculations and reasoning problems. 

Tag Rugby

This month, we have been very lucky to have Mr Partridge teaching us some Tag Rugby skills. We had loads of fun and can’t wait to continue this after Christmas!

Firework Art

Year 3 have had lots of fun using salt to make firework art. The children had to think carefully about the shapes fireworks make when they explode and use this within their design. Once the salt dried on the glue, the children used water colours to create the bright colourful effect.  All the children did a fabulous job and were very proud of their final product.

Performance Poetry

We had a fun week reading and learning different poems by a variety of different poets. These are just some of the poets we have looked at: Shel Silverstein, Michael Rosen, Ted Hughes, Allan Ahlberg and Spike Milligan.  The children then had to choose a poem to perform with a partner or a group of three and think carefully about how we can make the performance engaging. All the children did a fantastic job and it was a joy to watch their beautifully performed poems!

WWI Workshop

As this year is the centurion year (100 years) since the end of WW1, we were lucky to have a workshop to teach us all about it. We learnt how it felt to be a soldier in the war and the difficult time they face from joining the army to being in the cold, horrible trenches. We were also lucky to look at some artefacts from the war and also had the opportunity to ask questions. The children had a brilliant time and learnt lots from this experience.

Poppy Art
Linking to the WW1 theme, the children got to complete some art work looking particularly at the poppy and its significance to the war. The children used many skills to complete this piece of art and Mrs Davies and Miss Codd were very impressed and proud with the children.  Some of the children’s artwork can be seen on the school’s remembrance display
Clay Diva Lamps
In RE, we have been learning all about the religion Hinduism. We made Diva Lamps out of clay. It was great fun modelling with the wet clay and then painting them in bright, vibrant colours.
Year 3 2018-2019