Year 4

Recent Year 4 Activities
World Book Day
Year 4 Christmas

Autumn Gardening

Year 4 have been busy with some Autumn gardening, planting crocus bulbs in the grass and planting tulips, daffodils and grape hyacinths in the pots at the front of Reception. It will be so exciting to see them grow in Spring as we walk past here every day to get to the playground!

We also planted two Flowering Cherry trees outside the year 6 classrooms. They are small saplings at the moment, only30cm tall. We wonder how much they will have grown by the time we get to year 6!?  

We have been learning about the importance of trees and we are part of a ‘One World Link’ project to plant trees in schools, both here in Warwick and around schools in Bo, Sierra Leone. We hope to plant other trees around our grounds too.

Values Fruits

We talked about the 12 Values which we think about over a cycle of 2 years.

 Everyone made a colourful paper craft with the values representing a fruit – we have these displayed in our classroom Areas of Reflection.

 This term we are reflecting on Generosity.

Year 4 enjoyed getting inspiration for their trees poems!

They spent time outside observing trees from different perspectives, using their senses to gather ideas. They then came inside and formed their ideas into some wonderful poetry.

The Good Samaritan

In year 4 we worked in groups to re-enact the parable of the good Samaritan. It was a good story to act out because there were lots of characters and plenty of action!

Pentecost Party
Bug Hotel
Year Four have thoroughly enjoyed constructing and building our new 'Bug Hotel', which we have placed near our pond to offer shelter to our wildlife. We will be keeping an eye out for any new residents.
RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch activities
Star of the Day
Food Chains
Year 4 have been looking at food chains in their science lessons – we enjoyed thinking about what animal eats what and which animals and plants go in which order. We also tried to add the scientific definitions to the different parts.
This morning, year 4 were introduced the book Float by Daniel Miyares by watching a video of the story of you tube. We then made paper boats like the character in the book – these are the boats the keyworker children made in school and some of the boats children made at home.
Christingle 2020
Despite covid restrictions, Christmas preparations have continued in All Saints'. During the period of advent, the children have been thinking about the journey taken by Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem during collective worship in classrooms. They have also been learning about the symbolism of Christingle. In the final week of term, instead of holding our usual Christmas service in church, Rev Diane and members of the congregation welcomed Year 4 to a little journey of their own, following the donkey to Bethlehem. This took place outside the church, which is decorated beautifully with window displays and a lovely tree. The tree is decorated with prayers written by all the children of All Saints', who have written very thoughtfully about others, near and far.   
On the final day of term, all the other classes took part in a virtual Christingle service from Coventry Cathedral. It's wonderful to see how we have all adapted to these challenging times with such creativity and joy. Merry Christmas everyone!  
Naughty Elf
This morning the elves in year 4 have caused complete madness but hiding 20 bells...... the search for the final bell goes on....     
 Panic not! The bells have all been found! Christmas is going ahead :)

Year 4  Science

In science we have been looking at the different parts of the tongue. We tasted a few different liquids with cotton buds and investigated which part of our tongue could taste sweet, sour, bitter and saltly.

Some of the tastes were better than others!

Odd Socks Day 2020
Ancient Greek Myths
In year 4 we have been learning all about Ancient Greek myths in our English lessons. On Thursday, we had a go at exploring our very own labyrinth on the school field. We had to make decisions and add up the points on the cards we received on our journey through the maze. Thankfully, none of us were eaten by the Minotaur and we made it back to school ready for our lunch! Phew!
Shakespeare in School Day
World Book Day

Gari Tasting!

Year 4 have been learning about the process of making gari from cassava, in Sierra Leone. Today they tasted some gari mixed with milk and sugar. This photo shows their mixed reactions – thumbs up/in between/ thumbs down!

Romans Experience

To end our History Topic on the Romans year 4 were lucky enough to work with an actor from Freshwater Theatre Company. The workshop was called The Romans Return and we had to imagine we were presenting a TV show hosting live Roman citizens. We had lots of fun and even built a Roman Road. She was a very scary Boudicca !

Making Christingles

Sound Carousel

Year 4 have been learning all about Sound: that sounds are caused by vibrations and that sounds travel from an object, through a medium (usually the air).

We enjoyed lots of different activities including: using a tuning fork, using the ‘BoomWhackers’, investigating what happens to the rice when a drum is hit and what happens to the note of a recorder when it is submerged in water. Although it was a bit of a loud lesson, the children loved being ‘hands-on’ in their learning, investigating and experimenting in their groups.

Sikh Temple Visit

Warwick Walk

On Tuesday 5th February, Year 4 walked into Warwick Town Centre to learn about our Local Community. We were met by volunteers from ‘Unlocking Warwick’ and were given a guided tour of some of the landmarks in our town centre. Here, the tour guides explained about how the Lord Leycester Hospital was established, we learned about the great fire of Warwick and were taken around the inside of St. Mary’s Church.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable morning which ended at the Court House where the children experienced the ballroom and they each received an information pack about the attractions Warwick has to offer from the Tourist Information Centre.

Topic Afternoon

On Wednesday 14th November, Year 4 enjoyed their Topic Afternoon on the Ancient Egyptians. We had a fantastic turn out from parents, grandparents and others and it was lovely to see the hall so full. The afternoon began with a little sketch about life in Ancient Egypt, primarily focussing on the process of mummification. The children did a fantastic job and everyone really enjoyed it.

For the rest of the afternoon, everyone engaged in a variety of activities including:

*   Deciphering hieroglyphics codes

*    Creating their own hieroglyphic message

*    Creating their own Egyptian necklace

*    Making papyrus paper

*    Designing their own Sarcophagus

*    Completing some Ancient Egyptian Maths

*    Taking a ‘selfie’ with King Tutankhamun

Overall, it was a really enjoyable afternoon and we look forward to the next one!

For our topic on Egyptians – Year 4 set up a tomb out of tables and pe maths that the children had to explore.  It had dead ends and different routes to take.  Inside the maze were different pictures relating to their topic.  The children had to crawl around exploring the tomb and then write down what they had seen and try to make a map of the maze that they had gone through!

In science we were exploring the digestive system.

We cut out the different parts and tried to arrange them on the person.  This was an assessment of what we knew before really learning about it so not all the organs were in the correct place but we had a good go!

We then looked at an actual diagram to compare how we did. We also used actions and descriptions to help us remember the different parts of the digestive system.

In maths we went into the hall and stepped inside an addition calculation.  We used the maths and benches to create a column addition calculation and then used ourselves as the numbers in each column.  We had to move to the answer boxes once we had worked out what we had to do and we exchanged ourselves when we needed to move columns.

We then went back into the classroom to complete a similar activity in our books.

In maths today we looked at multiplying by 100 and 1000 using our knowledge of what we did yesterday multiplying by 10.  We used place value charts in the classroom and also made our own human place value chart as well!




In Year 4, we have been learning about the Ancient Egyptians and how they mummified the dead. So we decided it would be fun to act out this occasion using implements from the classroom and some toilet paper! We chose who would be the ‘mummy’ and the rest of the group were the Priests performing the ritual. The children really enjoyed the afternoon and had a deeper understanding of this process. They particularly liked the bit at the end when the mummies came ‘alive’!