Year 5

Recent Year 5 Activities 
DT - Bridges
In Year 5 we have been looking at 'Bridges' as part of our DT topic.  Over these past couple of weeks, we have built arches, beams and trusses and investigated which design made the strongest ones.  Last week, as whole classes, we built suspension bridges.  Some children constructed the trusses whilst others made the cables.  After putting it all together, the aim was to see if our bridge would hold 500g.  In fact, each class constructed a bridge that held 1000g!
Year 5 Sports Day
Active Maths
As part of Teach Active week 2021, Year 5 have been taking part in active English and maths lessons.  In English we worked in small groups to fetch sentences from the playground and, as a team, work out where the missing comma (s) went. This could be due to: parenthesis, a list, subordinate clause, relative clause or fronted adverbial.   In maths, we worked in small groups to solve word problems that were laid out around the playground.  The answer to the question would then lead the children to the next questions.  We had to use our problem solving, communication and teamwork skills.

Year 5 DT

In Design Technology we have been looking at structures.  The children looked to see what would happen to different sized arches and how much they could support.

Year 5 Science

In Science we have been looking at life cycles this term. One of the activities we had the children complete was cracking an egg and looking at the different parts of it.  The trickiest part was making sure we cracked the egg correctly.  That was no yolk!


Naughty Elf! 
Year 5 Having Fun In The Leaves
Year 5 Transition Day
On Monday 6th July, the Year 4 children had a socially distanced transition session on the school field to meet with their new Year 5 Teachers.

Trinity School Visit

On Tuesday 12th November Trinity school bought some of their students to give us an experience of a ‘museum on tour’. They came to help us learn about WW1. We learnt about poppies, the trenches and other important information about what it was like for the people that lived through the war.  Thank you to Trinity – we had a great afternoon.

Topic Afternoon

Just after half term, we held our topic afternoon to share our learning with our parents and other adults that wished to join us. We had lots of different activities including building, making, drawing and examining.  The adults had just as much fun as the children and the teachers were very impressed with how much learning they could share.

Severn Trent

We had a visit from some people from Severn Trent. They came to talk about water and how we could change a few things to prevent us from wasting water. We really enjoyed their whole school assembly and then the workshop they did with year 5.


Brandon Marsh Trip

Year 5 went on a trip to Brandon Marsh to help with our Science topic of Living things.

We took part in four different activities – den building, pond dipping, bug hunting and outdoor team games. 

The whole day was full of fun and we learnt a lot about lots of different species that you can find at Brandon Marsh.

Year 5 behaved really well and all the staff were really pleased with them all.

Year 5 Viking Day – Monday 29th April 2019

Only a normal Monday morning, Year 5 were raided by a friendly Viking known as Hrothgar! He spent all day showing us lots about Viking life. We learnt and touched the weapons, talked about food and drink and many other Viking topics – plenty of death, fighting war and generally gross facts! Year 5 had a great day and look forward to sharing the knowledge they have learnt in the next few topic lessons.


To start our new topic The Great, The Bold and the Brave, year 5 were set a challenge. They were shown a picture of the Parthenon from Ancient Greek times and had to recreate it just using newspaper and masking tape. The results were varied! We all had a great time creating them and are in awe of the Ancient Greeks being able to build the real one with such heavy materials and no big heavy machinery to help them.


In our literacy lessons, year 5 have been writing speeches. We have watched many speeches by famous people including Martin Luther King, Malala as well as children from TED ex. We wanted to test out what it felt like to give a speech, so we cleared our classroom to look like a stage. Some of us were brave enough to try it out. Wow what great speeches!


Year 5 have been doing orienteering as part of their outdoor PE activities. They have been learning how to navigate using a map. They also needed to mark where they had been and what they had found. Once they had gathered all the information they had to solve some clues together to find the final answer. Mrs Will and Mrs King were really impressed with their team working skills and how they organised their time. Well done Year 5!

Active Maths

Mrs Will’s set have been using active maths to get to grip with their mental methods for multiplication and division. We played the game ladders against each other and it got very competitive. Overall we all achieved fluency in our methods!

Rot and Decay

In Year 5 as part of our new science topic, we are investigating Rot and Decay. We went out onto the school grounds to see what examples we could find! We found quite a lot of examples – some were decaying more than others.

Next we are going to plan our own experiment to test the best environments for rotting and decaying. Look out for those pictures soon…

Christmas Cards

Year 5 designed and wrote Christmas cards for people with Dementia. We learnt a little bit about the condition and thought about what it is like to be lonely at Christmas. These were then collected and sent off to be given out in some local residential homes.

Year 5 Christmas Play
Ice Hockey

To out their new found hockey skills to the test, year 5 went to the ice rink in Coventry to have a go at Ice Hockey. Both classes had a brilliant morning – even with a good few falls and crashes! Year 5 finished their session with a match and had an amazing time.

Topic Afternoon

Year 5 had their topic afternoon for their topic ‘At what cost?’ on 8th November. Thank you to all of the parents that came to see all of our work and take part in all the great activities. The topic homework was amazing and we heard a lot of positive comments from parents and the other children about it all.

WWI Workshop

Year 5 took part in the WW1 workshop and were also lucky to be given another workshop opportunity with some year 9 students from Trinity School. They played games, made poppies and entertained us with their fantastic homework. We were very impressed and had a great time.

Sportshall Athletics

Year 5 went to Myton School to take part in an indoor athletics competition with other local schools. The children tried their absolute best and showed such fairness and an amazing team spirit throughout the morning. Mrs Will and Mrs Matthews were very proud of all of them and so pleased when our school came 3rd place.

Learning how the Big Frieze explains the Bible: Understanding Christianity

In RE year 5 are learning about how the ‘Big Picture’ of the Bible is told through the illustrations of the Big Frieze which we have hanging in the school hall. They are also beginning to see how the Big Story of the Bible can be explained through 8 key Christian concepts such as the Trinity, Creation, Incarnation and the Gospel. They are getting really good at matching the concepts to the sections of the story!

Year 5 visited the Buddhist Temple; The Forest Hermitage, just outside Warwick. They had the unique chance to learn directly from a Buddhist monk.  Our R.E Topic this half term is called " Keeping the Rules" and the children are learning about both Christian and Buddhist 'rules' (laws, precepts and parameters) as a source of guidance for living.  

Epic academy have been teaching year 5 how to play ice hockey in their PE sessions this half term. It will eventually result in both classes having a go at the Ice rink in Coventry – should be fun!

To kick start our topic, year 5 were given the task to invent something spectacular. They had to try and invent a hat for all weathers, a perfect school bags that carries everything or maybe a machine that stops you falling asleep in class. We gave them recycled materials to do this and the results were very inventive – Well done!