Year 6

Active Lessons

As it has been National Sports Week this week, Year 6 have been doing some ‘Active Lessons’. In English, we did a Figurative Language Hunt, which had the children moving around the classroom answering various questions about figurative language techniques. In Maths, we did relay races where one at a time we side-stepped/skipped to retrieve a percentage question or answer card. Then, we ran back to our group. The winners were the first to correctly match all question and answer cards.  Finally, we did an activity called Percentage Spider, where we were given a number (360) to place inside the spider’s body. We then had to draw eight legs coming off our spider with eight percentage facts relating to the number (e.g. 10% of 360 is 36). 

Sports Day!

Year 6 thoroughly enjoyed their sunny Sports Day! The children were absolutely brilliant, all participating enthusiastically and encouraging one another – the adults were very impressed! Children took part in a carousel of activities: hockey dribble, football slalom, throwing and hurdles. They then took part in races of their choosing: sprint, egg and spoon and obstacle. It was a lovely morning with glorious weather.

Police Visit

Year 6 enjoyed and learnt a lot from their visit from local police officers.
They spoke to us about the importance of staying safe online and appropriate use of social media. Then, children were given the opportunity to ask any weird and wonderful questions they had about policing. Some of us even got handcuffed!


Robinwood 20/21

Year 6 have arrived safe and sound! We will continue to update the photos below throughout the week... 

Japan Today

Last week, we were introduced to our new topic Japan Today. We learnt that due to the fact that Japan is an island situated on the edges of multiple tectonic plates, it is prone to earthquakes. Therefore, buildings need to be strong and appropriately build to withstand an earthquake.  

We got into groups of 5 and had a go at the ‘spaghetti and marshmallow tower challenge’. Our task was to build a tower as tall as possible, but it needed to be strong enough to withstand an ‘earthquake’. There were also bonus points awarded for good teamwork and visually appealing designs. 

Year 6 English Lesson
In today's English lesson (15.3.21), Year 6 started to read Macbeth. After listening to the play and picking out the key points.' one of our Year 6's said that this play was clearly a tragedy as there were a lot of people being killed! 
This lesson focused on the Three Witches and we looked at how Shakespeare described the witches and what role they played. Then, Year 6 were asked to draw their own interpretation of what the witches looked like. 

Kensuke’s Kingdom

This half term, in English, we are studying the text Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morporgo.
The children have done some wonderful artwork linked to this. We have also been looking at the shortest form of poetry in the world: Haiku poems. The children wrote their own Haiku poems based on the story of Kensuke’s Kingdom.

'We are all born free'
During Collective Worship, Year 6 looked at the importance of the rule of law and how without laws our society would live in total chaos. Year 6 agreed that laws are needed for fairness and provide justice for all. We read 'We are all born free', which have been devised by the United Nations, which looks at our rights. Year 6 selected a right that and produced an image to depict that chosen right. 
From the 22nd February - 7th March, it is Fairtrade fortnight. Year 6 discussed the choices we make can reach far and beyond. Year 6 then either created a poem or a picture to represent a world that they want to live in. 
Julia's Poem for the NHS
Propaganda Posters
Can words change the world?
In Collective Worship, Year 6 children discussed:
Can words change the world? Year 6 listened to a young poet

Amanda Gorman, who performed a speech at the inauguration of President Joe Biden, the 46th president of the USA. She spoke about the dreams that she has for her future – from such small

beginnings: ‘…a skinny black girl descended from slaves and raised by a single mother can dream of becoming president only to find herself reciting for one.’ And her words will have given hope to a new generation of Americans to hope for a better world…. words are powerful things.

From the examples, you can see that Year 6 created some thought-provoking: poems, speeches and drawings. 
In Year 6, children are studying W.W.II. In the lesson, children looked at a range of propaganda poster. We discussed how and why propaganda was used. Then, the children picked their favourite poster. The children were asked to adapt one element of the poster (font, colours, background etc) and keep the rest of the poster the same. 
This week in PSHE, we read 'The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and Horse. After discussing the important messages in the book, we picked our favourite quote and produced a piece of artwork. Some children decided to create their own artwork and quote. 
During today's art lesson, we discussed the different situations that are and are not in our control. We also discussed that as there are some many situations that are out of our control, we need to find strategies to help us not to worry about them.

Christmas Jumper Day and Cinderella Panto

Year 6 looked amazing in their Christmas jumpers today and had great fun watching a virtual pantomime: Cinderella.

Christmas Stockings

Christmas Fair

Despite it being a little different this year, Year 6 had lots of fun running and playing on the different stalls at our Christmas Fair. Miss Cherry and Mrs Uppal were so proud of how they all got stuck in, embraced the difference of it and all pulled together to have a good laugh! The games we set up were: Wii Boxing/Tennis, Hook a Duck, Pin the carrot on the snowman, Air Hockey, Guess the Year 6 baby, Who can Hoop the longest?, Cup stacking, Drop a penny on Rudolph’s nose, Nerf gun snowman shooting and a hidden object game.

Remembrance Art

To celebrate Remembrance Day this year, Year 6 created some Remembrance Art. The creativity was passed over to them as they could create their piece any way they wanted, using: paints, pastels, crayons or pens.

Also, as the British Royal Legion weren’t able to sell poppies this year, we made our own to wear! We also learnt about the different coloured poppies that are worn and what those colours represent.

Science – Light Topic

Our first Science topic was Light. We really enjoyed doing lots of experiments in this topic and learning about the different aspects of Light. We learnt about: how shadows are made, how light travels, reflectivity and how the eye works.

These pictures are from our Shadow Puppet Theatre lesson, which we had great fun with! There are also pictures showing us using a pinhole camera. Pinhole cameras work like our eye – they make us see things upside down!

Year 6 - Humanist Visit

Year 6 were lucky enough to have a visit (virtual - obviously) from a local Humanist. The children were really engaged with this and asked some brilliant questions.

Year 6

A couple of weeks ago, Year 6 learnt about persuasive letter writing. During Parliament Week, we focused on two important issues: climate change and homelessness. Then, we wrote letters which are being sent to our local MP, Matt Western. 

Islamic Patterns
In History, Year 6 studied the topic Islamic Civilisation.  The children created four and eight pointed star patterns. 
During the Summer Term, Year 6 read 'Wonderstruck' by Brian Selznick. Set fifty years apart, Ben's story is told in words, and Rose's story is in pictures. The examples below, focus on Rose's story. Like the text, Year 6 used a selection of sketching pencils and blended their chosen image. 
Spirited Arts Competition
This year, the Spirited Arts Competition theme was: 'God's Good Earth.' With this theme, children were asked to think about: 
Should we be thankful for it?
Can we save it in time from the threats of climate change?
In their pictures, children explored ideas and beliefs about the natural world. 
'Grow your own'
In the spirit of 'grow your own', Year 6 with the help of Mrs Roemer Year 6 planted: coriander, basil parsley and rosemary.
 'The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and Horse'
Miss Cherry recommend that Year 6 read 'The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and Horse' by Charles Mackesy and we loved it! Not only was this book full of amazing illustrations, but the heart-felt sentiments exchanged between all the characters really made us all think about how we view life. In the pictures below, children created their own quote and adapted the original illustration.
The World's Largest Lesson
On Wednesday 17th June, Year 6 watched The World's Largest Lesson. Here, children listened to experts from The World Health Organisation and other children across the world on how they have been and are continuing to adjust with the pandemic. We discussed 'What would a world where everyone's health and well-being look like?' (Global Goal 3). Year 6 then created their own interpretation of answering this question through the medium of watercolours. 
Personalised T-Shirts
During the Summer Term, Year 6 designed and created their own personalised t-shirts.  As you can see from the designs, not only are they eye-catching but totally unique. 
World War II Masks
During the Summer Term, Year 6 completed their World War II gas masks. After skillfully creating their design from paper mache, the children painted them. I think you will agree that the end product is very impressive.
WW2 treats
 In school the children created a variety of WW2 treats and shared them with the class.

Shakespeare Week

Once again, we were lucky enough to have West End in Schools visit our school this year. As a school, we studied and worked together to perform Shakespeare’s infamous Romeo and Juliet. Year 6 did brilliantly reading the Shakespearean language and contributed well to the Drama.

World War Two

We loved learning about World War Two last term. We were so lucky to have access to lots of information; thanks to Mrs Sutherland and Mrs Knight, we were even able to look at documents from All Saints’ School during the war (for example, a journal kept by the Headteacher at the time).
We were also lucky as lots of us had family/friends that allowed us to bring in pictures, recounts and amazing artefacts. In one photo, Billie is holding a genuine baby’s gas mask. It was wonderful for the children to see this up close. Lots of children enjoyed baking recipes from WWII as part of their Topic homework.

‘Don’t forget to let love in’

In PSHE, Year 6 have been studying the unit ‘Don’t forget to let love in.’ It involves us learning how to consider positive aspects about ourselves and learning to accept compliments and kind words said to us. We began by cutting out a circle in the middle of a piece of paper, we then wrote our name on our sheet. Then, we went around the classroom writing positive/kind words about each person. Reading the comments afterwards really made us smile.

With the expert guidance from Mr Partridge, Year 6 were able to demonstrate a variety of skills. In their sequences, children choreographed: mirroring, controlled body shapes and expression. All the children were able to pick which sequences suited their 'team'. As always, all children communicated and collaborated with one another before they performed their final piece.

Design Technology
In the Autumn Term, Year 6 designed, created and evaluated their own Christmas stockings. They followed their original design and if needed they adapted it.  All children showed great creativity and perseverance. As we all know, threading a needle is no mean feat!

Trip to St John's Museum
On Thursday 28th November 2019, Year 6 went to St John’s Museum to learn about life in the Victorian times. We had a great time, really enjoyed the activities and learnt a lot.
The different activities we did were: - Victorian Christmas Cooking: We learnt about common food in the Victorian period (and the difference between rich and poor). Then, together as a group, we were shown how to make a Christmas Plum Pudding. - Victorian Christmas Arts and Crafts: We learnt what the Victorians introduced concerning Christmas (e.g. Christmas trees and Christmas crackers). Then, we made Christmas Cards and cornucopia decorations. - Victorian Classroom: This was a lot of children’s favourite activity.
An interactive experience of school life in the Victorian era. It was so interesting to see the vast differences from nowadays.
Year 6 2018-2019
Dudley Zoological Park
On the 10th of July, Year 6 visited Dudley Zoological Park. During the visit, children were able to observe a range of animals from sea lions to camels. Also, the children attended a workshop where evolution and inheritance were discussed. Tim (the presenter) also allowed the children to stroke a chinchilla tenrec.
WWII Topic Work - DT Masks
To supplement our WWII topic , Year 6 created their own gas masks.
Police Visit
Our local Community Support Officer (Faye) came and visited Year 6. During this session, Fay spoke out how as we get older we need to be aware of our surroundings and become responsible citizens. 
Coventry Cathedral Visit
On the 22nd May, Year 6 visited Coventry Cathedral. During this trip, Year 6 looked at how people lived during World War II (linking with Goodnight Mister Tom) and looked around the cathedral. Whilst the children looked at a range of artefacts around the cathedral they learnt about the meaning of peace and reconciliation.

Year 6 enjoy a post-SATs treat

 On Friday, to mark the end of SATs, Year 6 had a film afternoon. They were allowed to bring in: blankets, duvets, pillows etc. to make themselves comfy. They were also treated to a surprise of Dominos Pizza, kindly paid for by our PTA. What a lovely afternoon we had!

Topic Afternoon

‘Don’t forget to let love in’

In PSHE, Year 6’s new unit is called, don’t forget to let love in. It involves us learning how to consider positive aspects about ourselves and learning to accept compliments and kind words said to us. We began by cutting out a circle in the middle of a piece of paper, we then wrote our name on our sheet. Then, we went around the classroom writing positive/kind words about each person.

Skydome Hockey 6SU

On Monday 21st January, 6SU were lucky enough to go to the Coventry SkyDome to practice their hockey skills on the ice! After the entire class were all 'suited-up', they all took to the ice. All children persevered withthe ice, and once they were given a hockey stick they needed to multi-task.

Throughout the session, all children supported one another by helping each other up and constantly encouraging one another. For some children, it was the first time they'd experienced the ice, and they all loved it. 

We'd like to give a big thank you to Coventry Blaze for organising event. 

Skydome Ice Hockey 6KC

On Monday 14th January 2018, 6KC had a fantastic time at the Skydome in Coventry. For a lot of the children, it was their first time on the ice, but - through sheer determination and perseverance - they showed brilliant skill and improvement in ice skating during our time there. When they first arrived, the children changed into their safety kit, and put on their ice skates. Then, it was time to go on the ice. They experienced ice skating for a little while before picking up an ice hockey stick and trying out some of the skills we’ve learnt during our Hockey lessons with Owen.

Kensuke's Kingdom
After studying Kensuke's Kingdom, Year 6 created their own adventure story. Once children had illustrated their stories, Year 3 came to listen to their stories.
WWI Workshop
On Tuesday 13th November, the whole school participated in World War One workshops. To commemorate the centenary, children learnt about how: men were ‘asked’ to join the army, training, conditions at war, the Christmas Truce and looked at some artefacts.  In Literacy, children were given a choice of whether to write a: dairy entry, letter, narrative or newspaper report on the Christmas Truce

        St John’s Museum Trip

On Wednesday 14th November 2018, Year 6 went to St John’s Museum to learn about life in the Victorian times. The day was a great way to start our Victorians Topic.
The different activities we did were:
- Victorian Laundry: We spent time in a Victorian Kitchen, learning about the effort they had to go to for the simple task of washing clothes.
- Victorian Classroom: This was a lot of children’s favourite activity. An interactive experience of school life in the Victorian era. It was so interesting to see the vast differences from nowadays.
- Explore St John’s: exploration of the museum.

Muslim Visitor brings RE to life!

In RE year 6 have been looking into the question: “What does it mean to be a Muslim in Britain today?” They have been learning about how the Five Pillars are very important to Muslims so it was great when our Muslim neighbour, and now friend to the school, Mrs Attiya Shams, came to speak and the children could put their understanding into the context of real lives. She helped them understand more about Muslim practices such as prayer positions and taught them more about the Qur’an, the Muslim holy book. At the end the children asked questions about many aspects of Islam. We are very grateful to Mrs Shams for her time and effort.

JLR Teambuilding

On Thursday 15th November, Year 6 were lucky enough to spend a morning with some of the JLR Team. In the DT lesson, children were given the challenge to create a structure with spaghetti and marshmallows. In their teams, they were asked to plan they construction and work collaboratively. Once each team had completed their construction, the JLR Team acted as judges. Each team was judged under three categories: creativity, structure and communication.

At the end of the judging, children ate the marshmallows too!

Ancient Maya

This half term, Year 6 have been studying the Ancient Maya. We have really enjoyed learning about the way they lived, their beliefs and their writing and number systems.

During art, we learnt about a British artist who was inspired by the Maya civilization. We learnt about how he captured and printed images. While learning about the printing process, we took advantage of the Autumn leaves and used oil pastels to transfer imprints of the leaves onto paper.


Year 6 had a fantastic time on their residential to Robinwood. The teachers that accompanied them were so proud of their bravery and resilience towards the range of activities. Some of these activities were:
- Zip-lining
- Caving
- Trapeze
- Raft building
- Giant Swing


Science – Year 6 were introduced to the circulatory system. We went outside and acted out how blood moves around the body.

We also used playdough to make representations of the human heart and labelled the different parts.

Literacy - Oliver Twist