PE Overview

At Emscote Infant School we recognise the importance of exercise in leading a healthier lifestyle. We want all our children to absolutely love physical activity! This in turn will boost confidence, encourage teamwork, good sportsmanship and promote good mental health.

Our children will be motivated to learn fundamental movement skills, develop an understanding of healthy competition and will be enthused to adopt a positive healthy attitude towards life-long physical activity. 

Our EYFS PE Curriculum
Our Year 1 PE Curriculum
Our Year 2 PE Curriculum


We support our children with SEND by ensuring the development of gross motor and fine motor skills. This  can then be applied throughout the curriculum and utilised in writing and subjects such as maths and art.

We aim to personalise the PE curriculum to enable participation and success for all. Using the STEP Differentiation Approach this may include adapted, modified or alternative activities that offer ambitious challenge and enable the pupils to make progress; specific support to take part in certain activities or types of movement or careful management of their physical regime to allow for their specific needs.