Year 3


Whilst studying rocks, children looked at different rocks under microscopes and magnifying glasses to identify their different properties.

Barnabus Project

In English, children looked at the images from the story and begin to predict and infer what was going to happen and how the characters were feeling.

Place Value

Here, the children were using Base 10 to represent 3-digit number. After creating different numbers, children were asked to order the numbers.

This week in Maths, we began to look at numbers to 100. Using the base 10, children were able to represent 2-digit numbers in a variety of ways.
English - The Stone Age Boy
This week in English, we started reading a mystery story called The Stone Age Boy which also links with out History topic. Once we had listened to the story, in small groups or individually we created freeze-frames and the rest or the class needed to use their inference skills to describe what part of the story was being acted out.
Twycross Zoo Trip
On Thursday 20th July, Year 3 visited Twycross Zoo. Throughout the day, we were able to observe a range of animals. From giraffes to butterflies, they were all an absolute wonder. Also, Year 3 were able to share their knowledge of habitats during the workshop. 
Making Sandwiches
Today, we made our sandwiches! First, we looked at our plans to check how we were going to make them. After, we had a discussion about hand hygiene and why it is important. Finally, we carefully made our sandwiches, before evaluating them! 
In today’s lesson, we listened to the ‘King of Fishes’. After summarising the plot, we watched how the text was turned into a story map. In small groups, our class re-told the folktale through drama.
Local History Week
During Local History Week, Year 3's enquiry question was: 'What impact have the Nelson Family had on our local area.' Firstly, we looked at the Nelson Family tree and discussed how they George Nelson had a pharmacy in Leamington Spa- which is still there today. 
We then looked at George Nelson created 'table jelly.' During the Victorian Era, luxuries were limited for most people and the introduction of 'table jelly' was revolutionary.
 Finally, we finished the week with a walk around Charles Street. Here we looked at the different styles of houses and then walked down to the Nelson Club. We looked at the blue plaque which is a commemoration of the Nelson Family.  
Dogs Trust Visit
Severn Trent Visit
On the 7th February, Severn Trent came in to talk about the importance water. 
In the workshop, the children measured the amount of water that was needed for different activities- having a four minute shower or having a bath. Then, they discussed different solutions on how we can all save in everyday life. 
Year 3 Christmas Play
Learning Afternoon
Odd Socks Day
Awesome Autumn:

We took our learning outdoor and explored the autumn weather. After discovering the array of leaves that our school grounds have, we came back into class and brainstormed adjectives about autumn.  

Performance Poetry:
This week in English, we have been immersed in performance poetry. After listening to Michael Rosen's 'Chocolate Cake', the children performed parts of the play focusing on changing their expressions, tone and pace.
Shree Krishna Mandir
On Monday 17th October, Year 3 visited the Shree Krishna Mandir in Leamington. Children listened about the history of the Mandir, a brief summary about each of the deities, asked questions and were given some time to sketch a deity. At the end of the trip, the children were offered a piece of fruit. Throughout the trip, Year 3 were thoughtful and respectful.