Who are we?

Governor Role Name Appointment Committee / Area of Responsibility
Head Teacher Mrs Debi Cossins Ex-officio 1/09/09 Resources
Foundation Revd Diane Thompson Ex-officio appointed by the Diocese 5/7/16 SIAMS
Foundation Mrs Sandra Barnsley Appointed by the Diocese 15/06/15 SIAMS (Chair), Community, responsible for safeguarding 
Foundation Mr Andrew Baugh  Appointed by the Diocese 27/01/14 SIAMS, Resources, Pay, responsible for Health and Safety 
Chair and nominated LA Governor Mr John McRoberts  Parent Governor until 6/11/17 - awaiting LA confirmation of appointment Teaching & Learning, Headteacher performance review panel, responsible for policies 
Parent Mr Jody Tracey  Appointed 6/11/17  Community 
Parent Mrs Andrea Kampta  Appointed 6/11/17  Teaching & Learning
Co-Opted Mrs Pat Daly  Appointed by Governing body 21/09/15 Teaching & Learning, SIAMS, Pay, responsible for policies and SEN, headteacher performance review panel 
Co-Opted Mrs Louisa Clarkson  Appointed by Governing body 21/09/15 Resources, Community (Chair) 
Co-Opted and Vice Chair Mr Alex Blakemore  Appointed by Governing body 12/09/16 Resources (Chair), Community
Co-Opted Mrs Sandra Sutherland  Appointed by Governing body 12/09/16 Associate headteacher All Saints', SIAMS, Teaching & Learning 
Co-Opted Mr Jon Queralt  Appointed by Governing body 21/09/15 Associate headteacher Emscote, Community, Teaching & Learning 
Co-Opted Mrs Margherita Finney  Appointed by Governing body 03/10/17 Teaching & Learning, SIAMS, Pay, headteacher performance review panel, responsible for safeguarding and SEN 
Co-Opted Mrs Nesh Foister  Appointed by Governing body 06/11/17 Teaching & Learning 
Co-Opted Mrs Alice Jones Appointed by Governing body 01/04/2018  
Staff (Emscote) Miss Natalie Johnson  Appointed by staff 21/09/15 Teaching & Learning 
Associate Member Mrs Steph Ferries  School Business Manager  
Clerk Mrs Eleanor Flowers    
Resigned Governor Sept 2018
Co-OptedMr Ivor Westmore Appointed by Governing body 21/09/15Resources, responsible for policies