European Links

Erasmus 2019-21

"How healthy are You?" is a project between Turkey, England, Spain, Wales and Italy. It aims to develop healthy living for children, parents and staff.  It will involve student and professional visits along with information sharing between countries.

This can be accessed through etwinning and searching for "How healthy are You?"

Our aim for the project are as follows:

-ensuring social inclusion

-improving basic social communication, investigation and critical thinking skills

-learn from other cultures for diversity and heritage

-increase healthy habits amongst our educative community

-create responsible EU Citizens

-working on environmental sustainability

-improve emotional wellbeing for children and staff

Erasmus 2016-2018

This project involved a close partnership between, UK, Latvia, Lithuania, Greece, Italy and Spain. We chose the theme of recipes and healthy lifestyle food and increased physicality. This project involved both teacher and student links and visits.  Children enjoyed being taught traditional dances and games from all of the countries.

An example of the cookbook, diary of travel and healthy traditional games can be seen in our reception areas. We also created a website to share our outcomes, this can be found at

Erasmus 2014

UK, Iceland, Turkey and Sweden

This project had a focus on early years and how it is taught in different places, and how children can be nurtured to be the best they can be. There were very different approaches in the contrasting schools but we shared what was working well and shared ideas to overcome barriers to learning.

Comenius – Clear as Water

2011-2014 Finland, Sweden, Italy and France

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