Marathon Kids

Marathon Kids @ Emscote

Marathon Kids inspires the next generation to become physically active. We believe that running has the power to show every pupil at Emscote they can achieve more than ever, improving their fitness and mental health all in one action!

The Marathon Kids UK programme and tracking system encourages our children to set goals and run distances of 10km all the way up to multiple marathons over the course of each academic year.

Marathon Kids sessions run as part of our PE lesson warm ups, a well-deserved brain movement break at any point of the day and at any playtime and lunchtime.

One kilometre at a time, following the coloured feet track around the outside of our playground, we aim for the children to unlock their potential; learning resilience, determination, and the feeling of pure joy that comes from achieving your goals — mentally as well as physically!

Progress Summary Autumn Term 2022-23
•We now have all but 2 children actively running every week.
Year 1 children are winning the total kilometres ran by each year group competition having reached 184.11km!
Reception are close behind totalling 112.23km so far.
•We have Year 2 just starting out on their running journey- let’s get some needed laps in!!
James T in Year 1 has the most kilometres ran- 6.5km so nearly at the 10km milestone!!!
Joseph R in Rec has the most kilometres ran- 3.78km keep up the hard work!