PE Overview

At Emscote Infant School we recognise the importance of exercise in leading a healthier lifestyle. We want all our children to absolutely love physical activity! This in turn will boost confidence, encourage teamwork, good sportsmanship and promote good mental health.

Our children will be motivated to learn fundamental movement skills, develop an understanding of healthy competition and will be enthused to adopt a positive healthy attitude towards life-long physical activity. 

Curriculum Statement - Physical Education

At Emscote Infant school we believe that Physical Education and Sport have a vital role to play in the physical, social, emotional and intellectual development of children. Children will be given the opportunity to be active on a daily basis and will learn the importance of exercise as a lifestyle choice. Our curriculum teaches children leadership skills; how to cooperate and collaborate with each other as part of a team, understanding respect, fairness and equality of play to embed life long values.  We want all children to develop and improve fundamental skills needed to access all physical activity such as gymnastics, invasion games skills and dance. We aim to provide children with a broad range of physical activities, with progression that builds on prior knowledge through repetition and promotes new understanding. 
Inclusive lessons are key at Emscote so that children of all capabilities can appreciate and enjoy PE for sustained periods of time. Research is clear about the positive relationship between physical activity and improved mental health. Our lessons will help children to release energy, remain calm, regulate their emotions and lower anxiety levels. This will result in improved attention in the classroom, fundamentally supporting children’s mental well-being, enabling them to have a longer healthier happier life.

Teaching Physical Development (PD) in EYFS
Our Reception children undertake a wide range of physical activity and development within all areas; outdoor environment, shared area, playground, classroom and hall. Both gross and fine motor activities are accessible within the continuous and planned enhanced provisions on a daily basis. we also offer two structured PE sessions each week to focus on ABCs (Ability, balance & co-ordination) and fundamental skills to aid progression and readiness for KS1. 
Teaching Physical Education (PE) in Key Stage 1
PE is taught by a combination of class teachers, the PE lead, PE specialist coaches and outside sport providers such as Fiery Feet Specialist Dance Company and Mini Movers. Together we deliver high-quality teaching and learning opportunities that inspire children to succeed in getting active and in developing life skills. Our curriculum is carefully planned for progression and depth of skills through a series of lessons in order to build on understanding and skills required to meet the end of KS1 objectives in the National Curriculum.  A wide range of sports and activities are delivered from Reception to Year 2 enabling children to develop their knowledge and skills in physical education in a variety of different areas.
• A specialised sports coach (Warwick School) supports and delivers some of our physical education lessons across Reception and KS1. This ensures children are receiving high quality teaching in sport specific areas and in addition, teachers are receiving CPD whilst the sessions are being delivered.
• Alongside our curriculum provision for PE we provide opportunities for all children to engage in a choice of at least 3 extra-curricular clubs during or after school on a weekly basis. These clubs may be provided by our in-house sports coach, a class teacher or an external company e.g. Coolsportz Tennis.
• Children are also invited to enjoy lunchtime active fun with the Mini Movers coach multiple times a week and to partake in running laps around the playground which are later logged on the Marathon Kids data system leader board. 
• We encourage children to take part in competitive sport in the local area through events organised by CWSSP (Central Warwickshire School Sports Partnership) and/or community events e.g. Warwick Rotary Club Pancake Races. Sporting competition events offered to infant schools vary but often include athletics, running, gymnastics, and/or multi-skills. In the summer term children will compete in a fun/competitive school games morning. 
• Opportunities for early reading are carefully woven into our PE lessons. Resources such as A3 whiteboards are used at the beginning of each lesson to share learning objectives, lesson structure, content and key skills.  Progressive vocabulary linked to different teaching focuses are displayed on the hall windows and the children are encouraged to read keyword flash cards and warm up/cool down instructions linked to their PE lesson. 

Our PE Curriculum is high quality, well thought out and is planned to demonstrate progression. We focus on progression of knowledge and skills in the different physical activity areas and like other subjects discreet vocabulary progression also form part of the planned learning.
We measure the impact of our curriculum through the following methods:
- A reflection on standards achieved against the planned outcomes.
- Pupil discussions about their learning.
-The annual tracking of standards across the curriculum, supported by Otrack.
-The impact of our PE curriculum is also measured in the uptake of our afterschool clubs and participation in inter school sports competitions.
At Emscote Infant School, you will see tailored learning experiences for our children to become physically confident, therefore supporting their health and fitness needs. You will see:
  • Motivated children who enjoy participating in a variety of fun sports.
  • Children utilising skills and knowledge acquired in PE lessons to aid learning in other areas.
  • Children developing a love of sport and exercise leading to a happy and healthy life.
Our PE curriculum reinforces  and reflects our school vision- ‘Working Together, Valuing Everyone, Learning for Life’. 
Our EYFS PE Curriculum
Our Year 1 PE Curriculum
Our Year 2 PE Curriculum


We support our children with SEND by ensuring the development of gross motor and fine motor skills. This  can then be applied throughout the curriculum and utilised in writing and subjects such as maths and art.

We aim to personalise the PE curriculum to enable participation and success for all. Using the STEP Differentiation Approach this may include adapted, modified or alternative activities that offer ambitious challenge and enable the pupils to make progress; specific support to take part in certain activities or types of movement or careful management of their physical regime to allow for their specific needs.