Our School Day

There is always so much to learn and enjoy at school!
School Day Timings 
8.50am     Please come into the playground
8.55am     Bell rings and morning session begins
9.00am     Gates locked - all children must enter school via office and sign in
10.40am   Breaktime
12noon     Lunch is served
1.00pm     Afternoon session begins
2.50pm     Gates open for parents to wait in playground
3.00pm     School finishes
What's happening during the day?
Assembly - This is held every morning and we share stories, singing and sometimes have visitors to engage and inform the children.
Breaktime - if fine weather the children enjoy the playground and Mrs Robertson serves toast (20p)
Lunchtime - children are served lunch class by class.  Lunches are provided by Educaterers and cooked on site.
PE - all children have 2 hours of PE every week.  Please ensure children always have indoor/outdoor PE kit in school.