Teaching Staff

Miss Stanley

Reception Year, Cherry Class Teacher

Likes: animals, playing tennis and going on long walks with family and friends.
Dislikes: being cold, sprouts and wasps!
Claim to fame: I met David Walliams once and he was very tall compared to me!

Mrs Vallins

Reception Year, Willow Class Teacher

Likes: Beach huts, Great British Bake Off, hot sunny days
Dislikes: Rain, sad faces, creepy crawlies
Claim to fame: I have played headers with Kevin Keegan

Mrs Gray

Reception Year, Willow Class Teacher

Currently on Maternity Leave

Likes: Sunny holidays, cooking and spending time with family
Dislikes: Peanut butter!!
Claim to fame: I once completed a skydive for charity which was videoed.

Mrs Madagan

Year 1, Oak Class Teacher

Likes: Nicholas Lyndhurst, Denzel Washington, Coronation Street
Dislikes: Anything that slithers (including jelly!), exercise
Claim to fame: While working at the England Lawn Tennis Club at Wimbledon I thought Ivan Lendl was a colleague queue barging so I told him to get in line like everyone else

Mrs Stephenson

Year 1, Chestnut Class Teacher

Likes: Jelly sweets, painted toenails and summer
Dislikes: Broad beans, scouring pads and shopping for clothes
Claim to fame: Michael Caine made me a cup of tea in his house

Mrs Constable

Year 1, Chestnut Class Teacher

Likes: Reading, spiders, swimming, Chinese food and sewing
Dislikes: Snakes, being cold and brussels sprouts
Claim to fame: I did some synchronised swimming with Sharon Davies

Miss Letchford

Year 2, Maple Class Teacher

Likes: Being warm and laughing
Dislikes: Dogs and mushrooms
Claim to fame: I have run two half marathons... which is technically a whole marathon!

Mrs Old

Year 2, Sycamore Class Teacher

Likes: Reading , singing, dancing, Richard Gere
Dislikes: Rudeness
Claim to fame: I served Hilda Ogden when I was working in Richards

Mrs Smith

Year 2, Sycamore and Maple Class Teacher

Likes: Jaffa cakes, long walks on the beach
Dislikes: Slugs, frogs, grumpiness
Claim to fame: Once, at an event, I chatted to and had to make small talk with Henry Kissinger. And, I’m taller than he is!