Helpful services and organisations

There are many services and organisations which can provide support for children with SEND and their families. Here are some examples – feel free to ask at school for any additional information or support.

Warwickshire’s Family Information Service – this website provides a wide range of services, information and signposting  

Warwickshire SEND Information, Advice and Support Service (SENDIAS) provide advice and support for parents:

SEND Supported – the external agency we use frequently have a fantastic website with a wide range of information and resources:

The following NHS services are ones we can refer into – please contact school to discuss further:


Rise is a family of NHS-led services providing emotional wellbeing and mental health services for children and young people in Coventry and Warwickshire.

Rise aims to build resilience and empower children and young people (as well as the adults in their lives) to know where to go for help and advice.

It’s made up of a number of different services, each led by mental health specialists.

The neurodevelopmental team at CAMHS support children and their families with diagnoses of neurodiversities such as autism, ADHD and Tourette’s. This website provides lots of helpful information and advice.

Mental Health in Schools Team (MHST)

This is an NHS service which has been introduced as part of national plans to expand mental health services for children, young people and their families within school settings.

Primary Mental Health Teams (PMHT)

Speech and Language therapy:

Occupational Therapy:


Other useful sources of information, resources and advice:

Act for autism is a social enterprise set up by two passionate practitioners  and parents with a specialist in facilitating a greater understanding of autism, for the autistic individuals and the people supporting them. We use drama, film, mentoring and counselling to empower the young people to have a voice, and we run dynamic interactive seminars and workshops to facilitate a greater understanding and empathy in the people who support them. Find out more here:

The Curly Hair Project

The Curly Hair Project is an organisation that helps people on the autistic spectrum and the people around them, founded by autistic author Alis Rowe. We use cool things like animated films, comic strips and diagrams to make our work interesting and easy to understand!
Community Autism Support Service 
Autism support for children, young people and adults across Coventry and Warwickshire. "If you live in Coventry or Warwickshire with a diagnosis of autism, or are awaiting a diagnosis, we may be able to help you, your parents or your carer."