Year 4

Year 4 Learning Afternoon
Year 4 Geography Fieldwork
Year 4 Trip to the Gurdwara
Year 4 had a lovely visit to the Gurdwara to kickstart our RE topic of Sikhism. We learnt all about the history of Sikhism and the different Gurus. We had the opportunity to visit the prayer room and view the sacred book. Finally, we sampled some Indian sweets and completed some sketches of objects we had seen during our tour.

Our little Christmas jumpers.

The Year 4 children at All Saints’ CofE Junior School have been working on their sewing skills!

To keep with our own tradition of recycling and trying to make as little environmental impact as possible, all of the materials used to create our Christmas jumpers have been reclaimed from various items and various households. They have been created with a view to be reused and once they have finished sparkling at the Christmas tree festival, they will be taken home and hung on our trees. Hopefully they will continue to be displayed at Christmas for years to come.

Rotary Club Donation of Dictionaries

The Rotary Club kindly bought all of the year 4 children illustrated dictionaries. The children love their dictionaries and are still using them daily to assist with their learning – Thank you Alan.

In DT we have been making mechanisms and we were able to create pop up books to show off our skills – then turned out brilliantly! Well done year 4
Odd Socks Day
Reading Aloud
We have been practising changing our tone, volume, expression and speed whilst reading aloud to others. We had great fun experimenting! We used the book we are looking at in English – The Promise by Nicola Davies

Worship Assembly

4DW did a worship assembly in front of the whole school about Democracy. They spoke with really clear voices and presented the information brilliantly. Next it will be 4IS’s turn to do a worship assembly.

Rotary Dictionary Donation

Year 4 had a visit from Alan from the Warwick Rotary Club. He kindly presented every child with a brand new dictionary for them to use. Year 4 are really enjoying using their dictionaries at school. Thank you Alan!


In our science lessons, we are learning to classify living things. We did some work classifying from pictures and then took our learning outside to find some local invertebrates and classify them. We found slugs, ants, millipedes, snails, beetles and many many worms. Don’t worry we returned all of the living things back into their natural habitats once we had finished looking at them through the magnifying glasses.

Year 4 Visit to Coventry Cathedral Christingle Service

Icy Science

On Thursday Year 4 did some icy science outside on the field. We made bubble wands and bubble mixture to take outside. We then blew bubbles of the grass and watched them freeze. These are the results.

Recent Year 4 Activities
World Book Day