Warwick - A Singing Town

Warwick – A Singing Town:

 Is a unique, philanthropically-funded project to promote singing as part of the artistic and cultural post-pandemic renewal in Warwick. Through free, high-quality singing and choral opportunities in schools, sharing information about local singing and choral opportunities for all town residents, and bespoke partnerships with groups who may benefit from the therapeutic aspects of singing – our goal is for singing to be better understood, promoted, and available to all residents. Find out more using one of the links below.


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We are delighted to be part of this wonderful initiative and proud to be ‘A Singing School’

Celebrating two years of Warwick a Singing Town
On Tuesday 11th July, our Y4 children took part in a very special Singing Celebration presented in partnership with Warwick – A Singing Town.

Around 300 children from nine local schools took part in a performance of ‘Weaving Warwick’s Stories’; this special composition considered Warwick, past, present and future and was performed at Warwick Hall. Our children had been learning their parts of the songs in school and on the day, participated enthusiastically in rehearsals where all parts were brought together. The experience of performing collaboratively and in such an amazing setting was one the children (and parents) will never forget!