Developing Spirituality

Nobody Stands Nowhere

What is your view of the world? How do you see things? What makes you who you are? Do you believe in God or a higher power? Or do you see the world as a cocktail of chance and accident?

We all have our own views on these questions – ‘Nobody stands nowhere’

and at All Saints’ we support our children in their consideration of these (and other) important, ‘big’ questions. We think of this as ‘Spiritual development’ and as these are complex questions and concepts, we have developed our own agreed language to use in discussions. 


We aim to provide a range of different opportunities for children’s spiritual development and experiences. These are planned for across our curriculum and we are really fortunate to have spaces we can use for specific activities.


Peace Garden:

At the centre of the school is our Peace Garden, a beautifully restful and calm space. Children are welcome to use the garden during break and lunchtimes, an oasis of calm away from the busy playground. Some choose to sit and read or chat quietly with friends; others carry out specific activities which prompt their spiritual thinking and development.

Current activities on offer in our peace garden are explained on the links below and shown in the photos.

Prayer Space

We are fortunate to have the space to create and maintain a dedicated room as a prayer space. The atmosphere is deliberately ‘special’ – children take off their shoes before entering and calming music and images are played. Children really enjoy using the space to reflect on some ‘big’ spiritual questions in a respectful and calming space. It is often hard to be ‘still’ in this busy world and it is wonderful to observe children of all ages enjoying this opportunity and frequently asking if they can visit the room.

On the links below, you find information about some of the activities which have been available in the prayer space during the Autumn term.